Painting and the beginnings of the written word – my written word:


This is my first effort in writing a blog in several years.  I began a blog when I started painting just to try to track some of my painting efforts.  I had a terrible time with the other blog site and could not manage to make it ‘go’ for more than a few rounds.  It was disheartening to have to deal with a whole different set of rules every time I wanted to access it.  So I just let it drift away.

Truth is, I like to write.  I like the words and feel I am rather agile with the English language.  My mother despaired for my spelling and grammar, but my skills are better than current TV reporters, so I am not very worried.  They get away with murder – and split infinitives.  I’ll bet you that Charlie Gibson was the last one on TV that knew what split infinitive was.  

The point here, with this blog, is to try to marry the verbal and the visual - 2 truly disparate disciplines.  I taught design and drawing for several years off and on, and that was one of the best bits.  If someone asks a question about something that is strictly visual, it is truly challenging.  Example: what makes the Albers Portfolio so hot?  Why is so great about an Edward Weston photo?  It’s just a pepper!  

I will make no attempt to answer these questions here, but it is a wonderful exercise to try to work parse through.  Of course, I practically become an alcoholic for the duration of my teaching years.  Those are hard questions!